MiContact Center Outbound

    MiContact Center Outbound Leans on Usability to Do More with Less

    Simple and clear to use, yet very powerful

    Who understands your contact center better than the people who use it every day? Certainly not the IT department. That’s why we designed MiContact Center Outbound with user-friendly interfaces. It puts the power of your contact center system back into the hands of the people that understand it best.

    • Empower non-technical people to effectively control your system
    • Remove artificial barriers of jargon and complexity
    • Simplicity allows for control while enhancing efficiency and effectiveness
    • Technology becomes a goal facilitator, not a performance limiter
    • Free up IT department resources for other tasks

    In short, we’ve employed the principles of good usability to help you concentrate on running your business—and not on running your systems.

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